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DIY Whiskey Infusion Kit

With Unique Indusion Decanter Bottle, Botanicals & Wood Chips

Experience the joy of crafting whiskey that is distinctly yours, with its own unique character and flavor.

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All-in-one kit with a unique infusion decanter bottle

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Explore the distinctive taste profiles of eight organic ingredients to craft a taste that truly reflects your individuality.

Our handpicked organic ingredients:

Oak wood chips

Oak wood chips can help to mellow out any harsh or raw notes in the whiskey, resulting in a smoother and more balanced final product. As the whiskey seeps into the pores of the oak chips, it extracts compounds such as tannins, lignins, and vanillins, which contribute to the flavor and aroma profile of the whiskey.

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Orange peel

Orange peel can add a bright, zesty flavor and aroma to the whiskey, along with notes of sweetness and bitterness. In addition to the citrusy notes, orange peel can also provide some subtle spice flavors to the whiskey, as it contains compounds like limonene and linalool, which can give the whiskey a mild, floral spiciness.


Pecan wood chips can add a nutty, slightly sweet flavor to whiskey, as well as some spicy and smoky notes. It can also add a subtle vanilla flavor, which can complement the sweetness of the whiskey. The natural tannins in the pecan wood can darken the whiskey and create a rich, amber hue. (2).png (4).png


Cinnamon is a potent spice with a distinct flavor and aroma profile that includes notes of sweetness, warmth, and spice. As the spice can be quite strong. It's important to exercise caution and use cinnamon in moderation when experimenting with aging whiskey.


Peach wood chips can give unique flavor profile that includes notes of fruitiness and sweetness. Aging whiskey on peach wood chips is a less common technique compared to traditional oak aging, but it can add unique flavors and aromas to the spirit.


Dried apple

Dried apple can impart sweet and tangy flavors of apple, caramel, and spice to whiskey, giving it a distinctive character. This can be an interesting experiment for those looking to add unique flavors and aromas to their whiskey.

Cherry wood chips

Cherry wood tends to be a more delicate wood than oak and can provide subtle hints of fruit and sweetness to the whiskey. It can also impact the mouthfeel of the whiskey, giving it a smoother and slightly softer texture.

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Cherry stones

Cherry stones can impart a unique flavor and aroma profile to the spirit. They contain small amounts of amygdalin, which is a compound that gives them a distinct flavor and aroma resulting in a softer, slightly sweet and nutty texture, with hints of almond and cherry.

Go beyond a regular gift!

This set is much more than just a high-quality gift.

It presents the chance to create enjoyable shared moments.  Make a delightful surprise suitable for various occasions like celebrations, Christmas, birthdays, or weddings.  Each set is meticulously packaged and prepared to provide a delightful experience.

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